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The Dangers of Cellphone Use While Driving


Zero Fatalities


Zero Fatalities is a mutual effort from various states addressing the top behaviors that are killing people on America's roads. The focus varies by state, but include behaviors such as drowsy driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, impaired driving, and not buckling up.


The intent is to alter the public's current perception that traffic fatalities are an inevitable reality that must be accepted. Instead, by making minor changes to our driving behaviors, our roads will become safer for drivers and passengers. We can prevent the deaths of thousands of people. This video was made possible by the Utah Department of Transportation as an effort to reduce traffic fatalities all across America.

On the Road, Off the Phone


Teen drivers enter the roadways with the best of intentions, lots of excitement, and by definition, with the least amount of experience behind the wheel – add the potential distractions of texting or talking on the phone while driving to the equation and the situation could become dangerous, quickly.

That’s why CTIA and NSC are joining together to empower parents to talk to their teenage drivers about the dangers of potential distracted driving resulting from cell phone use while behind the wheel. Tell your teen drivers: on the road, off the phone.


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