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36-Hour Driver Education Course (DST)


If you are a Maryland resident and you wish to obtain a license in the State of Maryland, no matter what your age is, then this is the class for you!

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration requires that the Learner's Permit holder attend a 36-Hour driver education course.

Thirty (30) of those hours are designed for classroom instruction and six (6) hours are designated for the behind-the-wheel lessons, also referred to as in-car instruction.

In this course students will learn the basic traffic laws for the State of Maryland.  Students will participate in classroom lectures and discussions, watch videos, review over-head slides and also have one on one instruction from our State of Maryland certified professional driving instructors on:

*  Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws
*  Vehicle operating instructions
*  Basic car maneuvers
*  Driving in bad weather
*  Highway driving
*  Defensive driving techniques
*  Aggressive driving and road rage risks
*  Hazard recognition and collision avoidance
*  The effects of alcohol and drugs while driving
*  Fatigued and drowsy driving risks
*  Vehicle malfunctions and maintenance
*  How to buy and finance a car
*  How to buy auto insurance 

During the Behind-the-wheel lessons the student will learn basic vehicle maneuvers, receive parallel parking practice, some highway driving instruction and will be prepared to take the road test at the MVA  and after passing the road test they will receive a State of Maryland Provisional Driver's License.


The Driver Education course is currently offered at our main location in Landover, Maryland.  Classes are held in the Morning from 8:45 am - 12:00 pm. or in the Evening from 6:00 pm -9:15 pm.  Classes meet Monday through Friday and usually last for two weeks.  The cost of this class is $375.

Call us...

*  We have multi-family member discounts.
*  Low down payments to start the course.
*  Pay as you learn installment payment plans.
*  Advance registration for summer, spring, and winter              high school and college school breaks!!!!!

     Need more time behind the wheel?

Maybe you need to borrow the car for a driving test. (of course, with an instructor in it)


We can accommodate. Please call us!

                      (301) 341-1700

Pay Per Lesson

Driver Improvement

Course (DIP)




Driver Improvement (DIP) is sometimes referred to by some states and courts as Defensive Driving.

You may have to attend DRIVER IMPROVEMENT (DIP) class if :

*  you have a suspended or revoked driver's license
*  you are instructed by a Judge and you went to Traffic         Court
*  you were referred by the Motor Vehicle Administration
*  you were referred by your job or car insurance company
*  you want to volunteer and put your best foot forward           before going to Court


The On-Line Self-Paced Instruction cost is $95.

The In-Classroom Instruction cost is $125.


        Safe and Sober

3-Hour Alcohol and Drug





This course is taught according to Maryland House Bill 926 and is designed to assist new Maryland residents who have come from another Country or another State if you wish to obtain a license in the State of Maryland.

This course also satisfies many administrative and judicial requirements for a shorted alcohol and drug education referral.  You should contact your referral agency to see if this course meets that requirement.

You may want to attend the Safe and Sober class if:

*  you have a license from another country and you want to    obtain a Maryland license
*  you were referred by a Judge or have an administrative      hearing requirement to attend
*  you want to volunteer yourself, a family member or friend    for drug education awareness
*  you have a high school, college or professional adult          who want to be and stay informed on Alcohol and Drug      education.  By the way this course and all of our                  products and services can be ordered as Gift Certificates    and given away to those you love and care about. 


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